Monday, June 17, 2013

Anne's Want

Well...wonder of wonders, I've found Anne's SuperObjective. Yes this is a big and scary looking word and has often been the bane of my existence when creating characters.

The question- What does your character want most?

That question made me stop and think for a minute because it's not really about a material or superficial thing. Some superficial things came to my mind as I tried to sort through Anne's layers (Shrek onion moment!).
- Anne wants to be paid. Okay that's nice, but that's not the only thing she wants. Anne would like a warm cloak too but that's not really a deep and burning wants.
- Anne wants to be captain one day. Gee that's great too, but that's more of an external ambition that might change as she "grows up" (since Anne will never really grow up enough to become a Captain- her storyline is placed at Ship's Boy status indefinitely).

I passed a few other ideas through my head before this particular thought popped into my brain. "Where does Anne able to be just Anne?"
The answer is a little bit sad. Anne doesn't really have a home or a place that she can just be Anne Drew (or Anne FitzHawkyns/FitzJohn). She doesn't have a place where she can belong without being questioned. The mere fact that she is obviously a girl dressing in man's clothing makes people question her.
Anne loves being a sailor. She loves the freedom and adventure that going on voyages brings. She loves the community that is on ship.

What Anne wants most of all is a place in the world where she can do what she loves without society judging her and forbidding her from doing whatever it is.

The character who happens to give Anne a chance at that is a rather unlikely character. His name is Lefty. He just wants Anne to be happy. He just wants everyone to be happy. He sees Anne for who she is and he accepts her without question as to why she's trying to perform a man's job, and dressing in male clothing.
In return, Anne notices Lefty. Not many people do. Anne not only notices Lefty, but when the Gabriel is in port at Bristol Anne tries to seek Lefty out and make sure he's eating something more than pine cones and grass.

So to put it simply as possible for the moment (I'll continue to par it down as the season goes on).

Anne wants to belong somewhere without needing to comprise herself.

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