Monday, May 20, 2013

Ship Shape and Shaping Up

Went to Janesville this weekend.

Firstly, it was AWESOME! I loved being back as AnneDrew, the pants I made worked out very well, and I spent two days with people who make me feel normal.

However, I seemed to have either pushed the envelope a few times, or I'm just not in as great shape as I thought I was.

It's possible that both are true. I've been battling a lot of stress lately and haven't been able to eat properly for the past week or so. I was only able to eat one meal without trouble this weekend. So I snacked a lot and drank a lot of water. That is how I usually eat at Faire, so I wasn't sure why I was having issues.
Possibly the issue is that I haven't had the rehearsal month of walking around and getting used to the heat and acclimating myself. Instead I threw myself into 70+ degrees of heat and added humidity. However, I made it through each day without coming close to going down. A few rough spots, yes, but nothing that I would label as serious.

So now I have to evaluate my level of physical fitness. To most people, I look really fit. For the most part I am very fit. I dance, I walk and jog a little, I stretch, and do my best to eat healthy. Now I'm considering endurance training of some sort. Swimming would be a great option for summer, and better for my joints than running on a treadmill.

Now for the Bright Side of things.

I really like where AnneDrew seemed to be going this weekend. I noted some things that I need to improve on and learn, but overall I was pleased with the direction that Anne's character took. I think that the word "spunky" and "underdog" was mentioned more that a few times. By the end of the season last year AnneDrew was only starting to get her confidence, she was still very wary of being discovered. This whole weekend AnneDrew wasn't concerned at all, in fact, she was confident and assured about her place. Sure she'd joke about becoming Captain, but she's content to be Apprentice/Ship's Boy for the moment. I think she'd make a good life for herself in time.

A while back I said I was going to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with this blog. I've made a Facebook page for AnneDrew to do some fun stuff, I'm planning on working on my ship vocabulary through some posts there. I'm working on some stories (some of which were told for the first time at Janesville) that will be posted here and this blog will keep on as a record of my Ren Faire Adventures. I'll try to put some historical articles and essays up here as well, and updates will always be linked through my Facebook Anne-Drew Page. My other performance opportunities. For those and the rest of my adventures head on over to my other blog- Astonishing.

So- if you want to get updates from this blog- go and "like" my Anne-Drew page! It would mean a lot for you to support me as I continue my fledgeling career.

---Kait (Anne-Drew)

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