Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peaking Around the Corner

With a breath of spring air, I feel suddenly.....


Bristol is calling like the sea calls to the sailor. I hear piped tunes in my head and sea shanties are on repeat in my mind all the live long day. I'm longing for the day when I can dig out my notes and history books on Tudor England and dive back into something that I love learning about. Maybe I'll actually master those knots this year.

I've been away from this blog for too long. Life has explode and I've had good reason to put Anne (and my other characters) on the back burner so that I can take care of reality. I'm still "taking care of reality." In other words, college finals are in two weeks and I have a 15 page paper to write for my history class, and a few things for my acting class that sort of take precedence over AnneDrew. Sorry dearest Anne.

However, that doesn't mean I'm not daydreaming about the stories I want to tell, or that I'm not planning and thinking about the upcoming Bristol season.

I feel like I could do more with Anne. Maybe something slightly more educational? Like essays or little fact filled posts? Maybe a short series of pirate lingo lessons. It doesn't really have to be too serious.

Things I have done for Anne-
I've made my first Anne costume! Last year I started amassing the things I needed to make my sailor costume and with one shirt that I purchased at the Faire (quality over my poor sewing skills), a jacket turned into a doublet from Goodwill, and a sewn pair of PANTS that I am very proud of, I have made my AnneDrew costume.

I want to get back to Bristol. I know it's only a month away and there's a faire in between that, and a few other delightful things coming up this May. Anne is starting to tap her foot and look at me like I'm neglecting her. After school is over I shall have time!
And more posts!
And a plan for this blog!

Until 14 days from now!