Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rehearsal week 2

Also Known As- I GET MY COSTUME!!!

And learn a lot about my character and where I stand in the social vs dominance areas.

To give a more blow by blow approach....

Got to site around 9:15 when I needed to be at rehearsal by 10. To be honest I like being early. People are there and I can get to know my castmates better because everyone pretty much scoots right after we end.

Today was hot. Really hot. Like I was wearing sunblock and my shoulders still got pink hot. Arg. But once again, today was pretty awesome.

To be honest, I didn't do much improvisation today. I should have volunteered more, but my head held me back a lot and I need to learn to just go for things and raise my hand. People will not judge me for making mistakes and the only thing that will happen is that I will learn what works and what doesn't. I think I might have participated in like two scenes today.
However, we did do a lot of stuff that does pertain to the improvisation we will be doing all day during Faire Days.

And the first thing I got that helps my character is....MY COSTUME!!!!
My costume is AWESOME! But I'm pretty sure I'd think any costume where I get to wear sweet looking Ren clothing is awesome.
I got to go with Captain Frobisher to the wonderful costume closet and have the head costumer start picking out things.
First came my pants, which the head costumer handed down to me and was a little skeptical about if they would fit or not. They did fit and they are AMAZING! Blue with burgundy and yellow striping on one leg. Apparently they belonged to Grace O'Malley one year, and I am very proud to be wearing them as another sailing lass.
Then the hat. I get the weirdest most fun hat ever. It's called the "question mark hat." You kind of just need to see it to understand it. It's brown with red trim and it has a tail like thing with a tassel on the end. It's awesome and I wore it all day. I love it. It also has bells on it that jingle when I shake my head. It makes me happy.
Then came finding the doublet. That was a bit of a trick. I think I tried on four or five of them. The one that the Captain was leaning towards was pretty cool looking, burgundy velvet like material. We would have had to take it in to have it fit me because most of the doublets are meant for men.
Most of them.
One doublet that I tried on was a from a character that Captain Frobie played some years back. It has a lot of stuff just sewn onto it and one thing was a hoop earring that is removable. Ansel said I could have it and I plucked it off and it is now on my awesome belt! 
We ended up finding this awesome black/grey/white one with ribbon ties that was meant for a woman playing a man. Well guess what? Another perfect fit. I swear this thing was made to fit me. Or many people of my size, but it happens that the amazing the head costumer picked it out and handed it down. It has a lot of ribbons knotting it together and there were some that were stuck. At first I couldn't get them out, but I managed by the end of the day to pry them apart. I have never met a knot I can't eventually untie.
I also get a very cool looking chemise (or shirt). But the whole experience was pretty darn magical for me.

So after I get my costume the rest of the Street Cast is playing a game that I have no idea what's going on and I just wait for the soon to come water break. We talked more about interaction and the very few but scary people that make us go get security. These things happen very rarely but they do happen....VERY RARELY.
The nice thing is that all of the guys in the cast are us girls' brothers. If someone is messing with us, we go get one of them and they will keep us safe until we can get to security and backstage. We all look out for each other.

Then I had lunch with the Captain of St. George (Queen's court) and I am now invited to hang out with them in the noble's glade. This is going to be very interesting because I am not noble and I am a girl wearing boys clothing. Seriously, everyone EXCEPT my captain can tell that I am a girl. This makes everything very interesting.

After lunch the whole cast went over the farewell songs and where to stand and such. It was fun because there was a sprinkler and I got to sit down. By this time of day I've walked a lot and my dogs are tired. My feet actually fared a lot better this week and I'm less tired than I was last week. Of course, we haven't hit Faire days yet.

We did this really cool thing with Street cast were all of us lined up according to our status. I was about four of five people from the highest person (that being Captain Frobisher). However, when we made a line according to dominance, I was third from last. Even though my station as a "cabin boy" is higher than almost everyone I give most people higher dominance.
Actually, I didn't know where to go so my director pushed me towards the end and said "You're all the way down that way." He was very helpful and I mean that with complete sincerity because I had no freaking idea where to go.
The reason for this is that I am a woman trying to hide my position aboard a ship of men.

This was pretty much the last thing we did before a few of us stayed behind to sing sea shanties.
I love sea shanties. First of all, the people I am singing with have amazing voices. I am awed to be singing with such talented people, and performing with them. I am going to learn so much this summer I think my head might explode!
I'll probably post more about shanties in my first full character post about Anne and what I have found out about her.

And now I bid you all good night and may God give you all good rest. I know I certainly need some for tomorrow.

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