Saturday, June 9, 2012

BAPA Week 2

Also Known As- Anne is part of the Elite Upper Class!

and Anne ran away.....

So now I'm the driver of a carpool and I'm picking up 3 people with one person getting dropped off at my house. I only got lost 1 time on our way to BAPA though, so I'm happy, and the map had the wrong directions anyway!

Now onto BAPA-
Apparently if you are doing an upper class dialect, you are apart of a family that has money. Not wealty merchant or well paid servant money. Nobility money. 1% of the population money.
Now I have to figure out a new story as to why Anne ran away from her posh lifestyle.
Other than having fun with an accent that I already (theoretically) know, I totally failed the first round of exercises in improvisation.


After that first flop round I did fine and felt reasonably okay with how things went. We learned how to engage patrons when they are walking past us, and when we are walking past them. It's fun!

In character class we did a lot of what body part our character leads with. I am going to have to experiment a LOT to figure this out for Anne.
We also have to come up with our catchphrase- here's mine, "Anne Drew, Cabin Boy to Captain Frobisher!" I think that gives the people a very good idea of who I am. Everything else can come along later.

Later in Movement class we learned about leading with different centers. We used our heads, hearts, stomachs, and powerhouse. Like I said above, I've got a lot to experiment with during the next week.

Then I took a history class about the history of Bristol, and wish I had taken the class "What Elizabethans knew." Why? Because as much as I loved the Bristol history class, I think I might have found more tidbits that I could have used in the Elizabethan class. Oh well, that's what libraries are for!

Then I learned how King Henry the 8th had a big temper tantrum because the Pope wouldn't let him divorce his wife. The man had issues. He wanted a son, so badly that he divorced one wife and killed another! Oh wait, he divorced wife #1 because wife #2 wouldn't sleep with him until there was a ring on her finger and a crown on her head. Well, she kind of gave in once Henry started going through with the divorce and her and Anne B needed to get hitched before her baby was born or else the child would have been an illegitimate child.
And everyone was so excited because Anne was going to have a boy!

Oh wait....
The baby was a girl.


Today was wonderful! But it was very hot and I did get very tired by the end of the day. I've just finished dinner and I'm amazed at how much better I feel now that I have some protein, veggies, and sodium back in my system.

Look for tomorrow's post!

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