Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BAPA week 4

I am a bad, bad, bad little author.

I'm so sorry for keeping this post from everyone! In truth, this weekend was very busy and VERY tiring and I've only just found the time to actually post these things today. I've been running around for two days making stuff for the faire (a pouch and belt mug holder thingy), and somehow the internet was just not on my priorities.

Now to tell all that happened on Saturday!

First of all, we met in a different place than normal and I almost got the stages mixed up. Newbie moment! Note to self- the GLOBE STAGE is not the one with the seven deadly sins painted on the back, that's the Lord Mayor's stage (I think, not 100% sure).

Week 4 of BAPA saw me in group 4 with all the other Uppper Dialect people, along with our Italians from the Comedia Del'Atre troupe. They are FANTASTIC and please play with them when you come up and see us. They make me laugh all day long.

We had our movement class first and went over introductions with a specific movement that people would recognize. I strike a semi-manly pose and look around knowingly. Apparently I did that look around thing without trying and the teacher loved it, so I'm keeping it!
Movement class was fun this week because we learned about how different points of our bodies can be "headlights" that direct attention and we learned how to use them. We can focus all of our attention on one particular person, or direct our headlights to shine attention on everyone (relatively speaking).

After movement came dialect where we translated our various breakfasts into Elizabethan English. I had eaten sausage on an English muffin, so that wasn't hard to translate, but some people came up with the BEST STUFF. Imagine translating Lucky Charms Cereal into Elizabethan English. I was almost crying from laughter at some of the elaborations people came up with.

At lunch the Dirty Duck Inn was having a sale on some lightly used objects and I bought a mug for $10!!!!!!!!!! Btw- that's a very very VERY reasonable price for a mug that I know I'll be able to drink out of. I've had trouble finding anything that's durable enough that doesn't have lead content. Now I don't need to worry about that anymore!

After lunch came Street (aka- Improv). We did a LOT of status/dominance work. It was a lot of fun. I think for almost all of the games we did each person would get a card from a deck of cards and would hold up the card to their forehead and guess how "high up" they were bases on other people's reactions. If you were a King, everyone loved you. If you were a 2, well, better luck next time.

Characterization was a big character interview session. Different characters came up and were asked questions about themselves and it was interesting to see how other people's characters were coming through.

My two elective classes were pretty good. I had Character Class Interactions, which essentially was a lot more of the status/dominance thing, but I feel like I've hammered that concept into myself and my character and I've got a decent grasp on it.
Sea Shanties was a little disappointing because I knew most of the songs, but it was fun to sing them with everyone! I really do love sea shanties. I got my carpool to sing them on the way home on Sunday. :)

That is most of what happened on Saturday. Well, anything worth noting anyway. Thanks for waiting for the post!

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