Sunday, January 6, 2013

On the Eleventh day of Christmas Lefty gave to me…Eleven pieces of Rope!

On the Eleventh day of Christmas Lefty gave to me…Eleven pieces of Rope!

Inside the Duck once again, Anne was pulled aside by Lefty, the Inglesman. Another employee of Jasper Trustworthy, Lefty knew nothing of his background other than one day Jasper had found him in the streets and made him his assistant of some sort. Lefty’s reasoning for his being English was that he spoke what he called “Ingles” and therefore he must be English. However, Anne and most others, couldn’t help but wonder at Lefty’s nationality when he spoke Spanish and spoke with that particular accent.
“Anne Drew!” Lefty bounced up and down and Anne had to put a hand on Lefty’s shoulder to keep him still. “Want to see a trick?”
“All right.” Anne agreed with a little bit of misgiving. One could never tell what Lefty was going to do when he started one of his magic tricks. He was a very apt magician and the children gathered round to see what he was going to do.
Lefty started out by producing eleven pieces of rope. “We are going to have to tie you up!” Anne, despite her misgivings, let Lefty knot the ropes around her arms and legs. The children murmured among themselves and giggled as Anne made faces and tried not to get nervous as she lost movement abilities.
“Now what Lefty?” Anne tried to keep her voice civil. Lefty finished the last knot near Anne’s ankles and stepped back.
“I run away now!” He grinned and scampered off. The children erupted into laughter and Anne was at a loss as to how to fix the situation due to the fact that Lefty had also tied her wrists together. 


Sorry about the delay. Life got in the way again and I haven't been able to post until now. I guess I'll be finishing a day late, but I'm going to stick with this and get this challenge done!

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