Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On the Eighth day of Christmas the Floozies Gave to Me…Eight Minutes Peace

On the Eighth day of Christmas the Floozies Gave to Me…Eight Minutes Peace

            Anne glance up (for once) at the diminutive Draco Disciple and tax collector, Vinz Clortho. “Heaven forbid you’d ever catch me breaking the law?”
            “And why would someone like you break the law?” Vinz questioned, peering over his round spectacles.
            “I don’t see how this is relevant to the occasion.” Anne avoided the question and looked to the floozies for assistance.
“Well,” Roxy Coxcomb drew a long puff from her pipe. “I think it’s a criminal offense to not be having any fun on Christmas.”
“Does Andrew want to have some fun?” Jezebel added, wiggling her…eyebrows.
Vinz frowned, but as the floozies proceeded to crack jokes about Anne’s supposed lack of experience and teaching the “lad” a thing or two, he slunk off to rejoin his fellow Dracos.
“That was nearly a disaster.” Anne sighed.
“It’s not quite over yet luv.” Chastity tilted her head towards a fairly irate Captain Frobisher.
“Can you distract him?” Anne pleaded. “I’m not going to make it through the night if the captain finds out.”
“Come with me,” Roxy brushed off her skirts and wrapped an arm around Anne’s waist. “I’m sure they’ll stop talkin’ now.”
Upstairs the din of the party was barely muffled. Anne could make out the sound of the Captains different laughs and the tunes that the Bristol Buskin Frolic was playing. She and Roxy sat in silence, waiting for a long enough time to pass before they went down among the party again. It'd been at least eight minutes.
“Any word of Fanny?” Anne asked from by the window, looking at the snow falling gently on the streets of Bristol.
“Nothing new,” Roxy sat of the edge of the bed. “Sorry dear.”
“S’alright.” Anne shrugged. “So how long do we need to stay up here before people will believe my lie again?” 


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