Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Doublet

The Doublet
Nicholas held out the grey and white doublet to Anne. “Take it.” He insisted. Anne glared at him. Everything cost something. Especially when it came from actors, even if it was Nicholas.
“I can’t pay for it, and I’ve got this one.” She tugged at the plain brown jerkin she wore. Nicholas glared back and shoved the fabric into her hands.
“You’ll need something nice one day.” He insisted. “Besides, I’m supposed to burn it. Scenery crushed the last fellow who wore it. It’s bad luck now.”
“Actors.” Anne muttered under her breath and shoved the clothing into her pack. She glanced up at Nicholas and looked away quickly, thanking God she wasn’t given to blushing. “If I’m in London again...well…I better be off.”
“You could bunk in the theater.” Nicholas rushed. “It’d be safer than the streets, even for a lad.” Anne considered his proposition. It would make leaving harder, but it was a lot safer.
“I’ll be gone before sunup.” She whisked past Nicholas in a way that belied her true gender.
She slept amid piles of costumes and was gone before sunrise. The only thing Nicholas found to give proof that Anne had been there was the brown jerkin she left behind. 

Tomorrow will bring the story of Anne's Hat and Boots. If you haven't read the others go look at my posts on Anne's Slops, then the post about Anne's Belt, Mug, and Pouch.  They'll all be tagged under Anne's Clothes if you want to find them!

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