Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Note from the Author

Here is the obligitory post about 'Why I am writing this.' Hopefully most of this will go in the Blog Description- so check that out before reading this blog.

This blog is going to be partially a fictional account, from the standpoint of a fictional person, from a real time period. My goal with this blog is to help me understand a character and the world around her. I'll be portraying this character in a bit of Street Theater (Where you walk around and talk to people).
This is a daunting task. Walking around and talking to people is something I'm pretty good at. Walking around and talking to people in Shakespearean English with an accent and keeping in character....we'll see if I'm good at that. I've yet to be completely at home with improvisation.
Hence- this blog to make sure I at least know what I'm talking about and what I'm doing, and what I should NOT be doing.
Since I am striving to learn more of the historical side than the creative- that creativity does tend to come much more naturally. Many of these post are going to be historical bits that I am learning about the time period, about Queen Elizabeth, about the life of sailors and the things they did. Most of this is in the name of research and wanting to be as convincing as possible.

BTW- my character is a completely fictional female sailor from Elizabethan England. Other than Grace O'Malley, I haven't been able to find any accounts of female sailors from that era. My Library is a bit lacking in that area.

As I form my character, Anne Drew (Anne Drew= Andrew....please laugh), there might be a few post of background and where she wants to go. Hopefully as I get into the actual Street Theater- there will be an account of that too!

What I know about Anne Drew right now.
She's a young woman who has run away/run to sea. What did she leave behind? I don't know.
Why is she on a ship (a place where woman are clearly not supposed to be)? I have no clue yet.
What position on the ship does she hold? Probably a Cabin Boy, one of the Mates, or just an ordinary Sailor. I'm liking the idea of Cabin Boy more and more.

Now you know a  little about what's going on. If you want to learn plenty of nautical/historical stuff- with a little bit of fiction included, you found the right place!

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